An afternoon in the Jewellery Quarter

Last Sunday I thought I would try out some street photography. The JQ is a trendily gentrified area of Birmingham, full of old buildings, jewellery shops, cafes, and usually lots of people milling around. I haven't actually taken any street shots since I got my full frame D750 so I thought I would put it to the test. I originally wanted to take some film shots on my old Olympus OM2 as I'd just put in a new roll of black and white film - as soon as I got it out of the bag and tried to start shooting it jammed up annoyingly, so I switched back to my Nikon. I was looking forward to getting some film shots of the JQ but that will have to wait until next time! These shots are all taken with my 50mm 1.8.


I'm still building up the nerve to take shots of people, or even go up and ask them if I can take their photo. But until then I am just left with taking candid (a positive spin on the word creepy?!) pictures of the back of people as they walk away!

Street photography enabled me to be surprisingly mindful; just paying attention to my surroundings, to what I could see, and to what caught my eye or looked interesting. I noticed things about the JQ that I had never even given a second glance to before. It made me think a lot about composure, and framing my shot in a creative way.

I can see why a lot of photographers are opting for mirrorless cameras for their street work. I felt very conspicuous walking round with a big full frame body, or maybe that was just me, because I'm new to this and feel a little self-conscious.

I definitely need more practice at street photography, and I need to pluck up the courage to take more street portraits. To me, it's the people in any given area that will make the picture interesting so I need to just do it! Until next time, I'm going to have a think of other cool locations for some more street photos. And to get my Olympus OM2 un-jammed!

Sarah x

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