Preparing for your family portrait session

How do I prepare for a family portrait session?

Many people ask this question and the first message that I try to put across is that it should be relaxed and fun. As well as getting some lovely images of you and your family, it is also a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy some time together.

What should I wear?

I don’t like to be too descriptive of what people should wear as it is important that people are themselves and feel comfortable. It’s easier if I make a couple of suggestions of what to try to avoid, if possible. Try to avoid tops with big slogans on as they can be distracting in the final images. Also, super high fashion looks may date quicker than a simpler outfit – I’m thinking back to the 90s when my preference would have been hipster jeans, crop t-shirt and a skater chain. Wouldn’t look so great on my living room wall now!