Tea, anyone?

As you may know, our new studio is based on the beautiful Hawkesyard Estate, in Armitage near Lichfield. And to my surprise I discovered that a brand new vintage tea room was opening up on the grounds! After contacting the lovely Kelly, the owner, I went along to photograph some of the gorgeous details of the new team room.

The first thing that strikes you is the location. The winding drive which leads through Hawkesyard Estate, shows off the beautiful gardens which I am familiar with from taking families around for my family photo sessions. It provides the perfect backdrop for family and wedding photos and a peaceful location for the tea room.

On entering the team room, I was struck by the classy, vintage decorations, and the beautiful light pouring through the wide windows at the front. Vintage has become very popular over the last few years, but I do think it can be hard to get it right, without looking 'chintzy' or 'over done'. Kelly has created the perfect balance of vintage class, and has incorporated the vintage theme throughout the business, even down to the smart uniforms worn by staff.