8 Reasons why you should print your photos through your photographer, rather than through high street stores

August 12, 2018

When you commission a professional photographer to capture you memories, whether it be a wedding or a family session, it is important to make the most of the full photography service.  Some people request digital images from their photographer, and then end up going to a high street store (or heaven forbid a supermarket kiosk with a usb slot!) to print their photos. This often ends up in disappointing results and prints that just don't do the professional images justice.  Here are eight reasons why you should order prints and photo products through your photographer!


1.  Photographers are partnered with professional photo labs.

Most photographers are partnered with a professional photo lab that they may have worked with for a while, they are sure of the quality, and most of these labs only work with verified photographers. With a pro photo lab vs a high street store, there is a significant difference in the quality of the final product. The paper, ink, and the whole process will be of a significantly higher quality. Put a store bought canvas next to a prob photo lab made canvas and there is no comparison. 


2. The colours will be rainbows apart.

The colours printed by a pro lab will more true to life than a high street lab. Your photographer will have most likely calibrated their computer screen to ensure that every colour looks as beautiful as possible. What a shame to then ruin this with bad colour processing! Most pro labs offer colour correction and work with your photographer to get the best results.



3. The paper quality from a pro photo lab is beautiful.

The first time I received a print from our professional lab I actually did an out loud 'wowee'. And this was at the paper! Our lab uses Fuji colour crystal archive paper which is specially made for high image quality colour prints, and looks nothing short of fabulous. Your photographer should also be able to offer you a range of different papers and finishes, from matte to lustre and high gloss, they will help you decide what is best for you.


4. Your photographer will properly resize your photos.

Based on what you are printing, your photographer will properly resize your photos, specifically for the size print you need. Your photographer will print photos that are more accurate and true to the photo that you have viewed on their screen.


5. Make the most of a professional process and service.

If you pay to go to a high end restaurant, you don't skip dessert to pick up a tub of tesco value ice cream to eat on the bench outside. If you have paid for a professional to take your photos, take advantage of the full service and let them arrange your photo products to the best of their knowledge and ability. Why not?! Professionally made images, made with professional grade cameras paired with professional experience, deserve a professional printing process to complete the experience. 


6. Your photographer cares about your images!

Chances are, if your photographer made your images with their own bare hands (attached to their Nikon...) it is likely that they give a lot of hoots about the finished product, and it feels part of their duty to see their creation come alive in a photo product. They were there at the time of you putting on your wedding dress in the morning, and having your first dance... why would they want to bail now, only to let you wander down to boots?!  They care about your images just as much as you do, and as an artist, they want you to have the best of the best when it comes to the finished product. This is why sometimes photographers curl up in to a ball on the floor when people say 'I'll just take the digitals thanks'.


7. Your photographer will have a great range of products and will offer you a bespoke service to help you to find what you want.

If you are ordering wall art, your photographer will work with you to find what print or product will look best where, and help you figure out sizing and placement, save you getting back home only to find that your framed print won't fit through your front door, never mind fit in to your cute gallery corner on the stairs. Ask and they will be willing to help!




8. Customer service

Any issues and you can go straight to your photographer who will assist and answer any questions - you have access to a photo expert as part of your wedding / family session fee, so make the most of the service on offer!


As part of our business, Sarah Elizabeth Portraits, all of the above comes as standard for every customer. We believe in the power of print and we are here to help you to find the best way for you and your family to enjoy your photos.




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email: seportraits@gmail.com



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