Why Have a Printed Family Portrait?

My Childhood Family Portrait...its going with me in a fire

The picture above is my childhood family portrait, it's going with me if there is ever a fire. It is completely irreplaceable.

We have already written about why we think that printing your photo's is so important - especially in todays digital age... How many precious memories are gone forever because your phone was lost, computer crashed, USB misplaced, hard drive corrupted? How do you even know that the format in which you have your pictures saved will be relevant and supported in ten or twenty years?

It's ok you tell me - I am organised, I have my digital photo files backed up on flash drives....I even have them saved in triplicate, following the data management maxim of "If it doesn't exist in three places then it doesn't exist at all". Flash drives are more reliable than hard drives due to their lack of moving parts and solid state drives are becoming more fashionable (although having three solid state drives for back-ups may require you to re-mortgage). But have you heard of data degradation the process by which your storage media slowly decays over years? Electrical charges can slowly leak away, magnetic orientations change, all destroying data - if you take a sing